American Barber Academy was founded on the belief that creativity, and hard work drive success. Our commitment to our students, graduates, and patrons keep us committed to developing a culture of quality barbers and leading professionals of their industry.



The mission of American Barber Academy is to train our students to be professional, responsible, and morally conscious Barbers/stylists, pass their licensing examination, and find gainful employment. Our goal is to equip our students with an infinite level of training that evokes the creativity that each student possesses individually. A.B.A will be dedicated and committed to exceed our students’ expectations as we prepare them to embark upon a prosperous journey into the world of barbering.


“Wouldn’t be where I am without some amazing mentors George Ortiz Jr, Jaheen Bell, Jorge Valentin, DL Master Barber, Ricardo Osorio Jr., Bryheem Alston!”
Gentlemen, thank you all so much!

Charlene C.

“Today we had an award ceremony at school, I received honors in academics and honors in attendance, and I just wanna say how thankful I am to go to a school that acknowledges the hard work we, as students, put in on a daily basis. waking up at 5:45 and literally dragging my ass out of bed every morning doesn’t get any easier, but that 3rd license is calling my name. a big thank you to Bryheem, Jaheen, and George for all that you guys do for us, you’re appreciated as well.”

Shannon H.

“Working hard pays off!!
Academic 100%
Attendance 100%
I absolutely love my school because they take the time to care and make all of us students feel appreciated by doing super awesome sweet things like an award ceremony!
Jaheen Bell you are seriously the best! I love you so much and thank you so much for all that you have done for me and all of the other students!”

Rebecca S.

“My awards from school today for 100% grade point average and for practical achievements …. Super proud of myself I work hard and it paid off … Many thanks to Jaheen Bell and George Ortiz American Barber Academy!!”


“As I sit here in my bed I’m getting so emotional!! I’m going to pour my heart out. This school right here literally changed my life, it was the best choice I have ever made, despite all the people telling me I didn’t need it and it was unnecessary to go to barbering school. These 3 men have taught me so much and always pushed me to do the best I could do, picked me up when I failed and guided me in the right direction. All of them saw potential in me that I didn’t ever see in myself, they believed in me when only two other people did. Picking a career only my dad and boyfriend thought I’d be successful in and no one else supported me was really rough. Being in such a wonderful environment with so many positive people who believed in me and that I could do anything I set my mind to was so amazing and helped me grow so much as a person. Knowing I had people around me everyday that believed in me helped me finally believe in myself and like myself and knowing I made the right choice and I was good at what I do. Just the little things like bryheems little motivational quotes to jaheens motivational videos that sometimes even made me cry. These men brought out the best in me and finally made me realize I’m good at what I do and worth so much more than I ever thought of myself before. For always making sure to set aside time to talk to me when I had a bad day and actually care about me personally and not just as a student. For putting up when me when I got so frustrated I gave up, you let me walk away and waited for me to cool off d come back and walked with me every step of the way till I left better and was ok again. I don’t know many amazing people like this. Literally with all of my heart you changed my life and me as a person in so many go ways I can’t even put into words how grateful I am to each one of you. I love you three so much!!
Thank you for saving me from myself.
I’m honestly going to really miss not being at this school everyday with you guys, I really didn’t think it would be this hard but I’m sitting here like a mess right now”

Rebecca S.

Our Objectives

To introduce and teach the techniques involved in the latest hair styling trends.


Create the best learning environment available by emphasizing short-term progress, individualized attention, progressive teaching methods, and relevant equipment of “hands-on” education.


To develop professional qualities within each student by teaching them the importance of good public relation and customer services.


To instill in our students, desirable habits and attitudes in all aspects of health, sanitation and safety.


To prepare our students to pass the Pennsylvania State Board Exam.


To assist our students in finding employment at the conclusion of their program.
Some of our Offerings.

What Makes Us Different?

Low Ratios

With a 10 to 1 student to teacher ratio, our students can expect to get the personalized attention and instruction that is necessary to monitor and ensure their growth and success here at the American Barber Academy.

Location is Key

Our high-volume clinic and multi-cultural clientele base is attributed to our convenient location on the outskirts of Reading, unbeatable prices, and commitment to quality customer service. Students will gain valuable real world experience in a professional and busy environment working with all different hair types.

Our Methods

We are a school that will teach and employ methods that are demand today and will provide our students with the necessary skills to run a modern day barbershop.


American Barber Academy is accredited through the National Commission of Career Arts and Sciences. This allows us to participate in the Federal Financial Aid Program.


Our Staff is comprised of barbershop owners, former state board proctors, and reputable award winning barbers. Students will learn from qualified instructors who are ready and willing to educate our students with the highest standards and the latest technology available in barbering education.


A computer is integral in higher education and ABA is committed to helping our students succeed. In addition to a student kit, students now receive a Chrome Book laptop with the latest software in Barbering Education. Reading assignments, test, homework, special projects, and more can all be done right from your brand new digital Chrome Book. Our student kit is a top of the line set of tools that students will graduate with and be able to hit the ground running with all the necessary tools that a professional barber would need to begin their career.


*to those who qualify